Bronx International High School is a progressive, team-based and community-based school.  We are dedicated to serving the academic and social needs of recently immigrated young people and their families.  Our mission is to enhance our students’ cultural awareness, English and native language proficiencies, and intellectual and collaborative abilities.  These skills will empower them to become active participants in today’s interdependent and diverse world.  By critically analyzing and responding to complex world issues, students will achieve academic, personal, and professional success, as they become advocates for themselves and their communities.

Student Population and Admission Requirements

BxIHS accepts students who score at or below the 20th percentile on the Language Assessment Battery (LAB-R) and have been in the US fewer than four years.  BxIHS has approximately 320 students in grades 9 through 12.  Students usually spend four or five years at BxIHS before graduating, although some students may spend less or more time at school, depending on individual circumstances.


The Internationals Approach

BxIHS shares core beliefs about teaching and learning with other schools in the Internationals Network for Public Schools.


ü  Heterogeneity and Collaboration:  Diverse group of students work together and with their teachers to optimize learning.  Meaningful work with those of different backgrounds, academic preparedness, and language skills helps each student to develop socially, academically, and linguistically.


ü  Language and Content Integration:  Language skills develop most effectively in context and emerge most naturally in purposeful, language-rich, experiential, and interdisciplinary study.  Consequently, each teacher acts as a language teacher within the context of his/her curriculum, and there are no stand-alone ESL or bilingual classes.


ü  Localized Autonomy with Responsibility:  Students, teachers, and schools are empowered to make decisions that maximize student outcomes.


ü  One Learning Model for All:  Like students, teachers and principals collaborate and learn from each other to improve their skills and support each other.


ü  Schools Beyond Four Walls:  Student growth and outcomes are enhanced through experiential learning.  Significant experience outside of the classroom motivates students and enhances their capacity to participate in society by extending their language base and developing their social and cultural sophistication.